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oh yeah hot as frick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hekc you mom im runnign away!!!!!!!!!

Caskali responds:

HeKc yeah BB!😩😩

Nice composition, sound design and general vibe. The only thing that bugs me here is that the bass takes up a lot of frequencies and is super loud compared to the rest. the low pass filter at 1.50 fits well. the transitions are very nice. keep up the good work.

KrisKrosNL responds:

Hmm noted. I do have the bass' frequencies boosted quite a bit in the mixing process, I also boosted the low frequencies again during the master, I guess maybe I went overkill this time - I tried to make sure the bass was also audible in earphones because I had an issue with that first. I'll go back and experiment some more

Thanks for the review!

Nice chords, nice melody. The mixing could've been better. I also feel like the high pass filter could've kicked in a little later in the buildup.

it's not really a song i find myself listening to, but the mixing is nice and clean. good job


Thanks, I appreciate it!

I've been trying to work on my mixing specifically in the last month or so so good to hear :)

I really love the menacing feel to this. the plucks are a bit too loud at 40 sec. Good job

EdKempeper responds:

Hi ! Thanks a lot for this review ! Yeah, a bit too loud, you're right.

EPIC GAMERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!111111 i like the dark melodies in the song, the fills and drums work well with the rest of the song, and there's enough variation in this piece to not sound boring. gj

HJfod responds:

Lol thanks for the help with the mixing dude, I appreciate it !

nice song, really gives me 90s feels.

EdKempeper responds:

Hi !
Thank you very much ! Yeah, I was very inspired by that kind of music !

nice 808s, you spewing fam

Kurtiskong responds:

Thanks bro

cool song, mixing is well done and the sound design is just amazing. 5/5

DerpCatOfficial responds:

ayy thank uu <3

drums aren't loud enough, you should probably work on mixing cause the structuring, melodies and sounds are great!

HJfod responds:

Mixing is a thing I will try to improve on in the coming songs! :3

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